Diálogo en inglés – aventuras en Londres en pasado simple


Hoy, un diálogo en inglés.

La semana pasada estuve en Londres, y para compartir algunas experiencias y vivencias, he escrito este diálogo.

Cómo si hablaras conmigo…

Muchas de las preguntas las puedes usar tú en conversaciones – no son muy originales y son útiles para cualquier conversación sobre las vacaciones.

diálogo en inglés – aventuras en londres
Millenium Bridge y Saint Paul Cathedral en Londres. Foto del autor – filtro de Instagram. Sígueme ahí si quieres.

Supongo que la mayoría de este diálogo será pasado simple, aunque también habrá algo en presente simple y otros tiempos verbales – presente simple, futuro con will, etc.

Vamos allá…

Diálogo en inglés – Aventuras en Londres

Aquí sin más, mi conversación imaginaria sobre mi viaje a Londres.

Q: Why did you decide to go to London, Daniel?

A: Well, I went for the first time last year, and I loved it. This year, my friend Jane had a spare room for a bit, and she offered to let me stay there. So I was happy to go back.

You may remember Jane from my videos about British and American English, by the way.

Q: How long did you stay there?

A: I stayed for 6 nights. I arrived on Friday morning and left the next Thursday.

Q: How did you get there?

A: I flew with Iberia to Heathrow Airport.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about London?

A: A lot of things! I really like the diversity of the people. There’s also an interesting mix of old and very modern buildings, restaurants, and ideas. But my favorite thing is just that there’s so much to see and do. It makes Madrid seem like a quiet small town in comparison.

Q: What’s your least favorite thing about London?

A: Two things, actually. The distances are so long, which makes it hard to go anywhere and hard to se people. And also, the Underground is good, but it’s more crowded than in Madrid, and has more problems than the metro here. Oh, and also the prices. Some things are really expensive, especially after doing the conversion from euros to pounds.

Q: Was the food good?

A: Yes, it was. I had some typical English food – fish and chips, a traditional Sunday roast – and also Indian, Chinese and more. Of course, Spain has great food too. And I’m not saying London’s food was better. But it was good.

Q: How was the weather?

A: Not bad, really. It rained a little bit but not much. And it wasn’t too cold either.

Q: Did you go to any museums?

A: Yeah, I went to the Tate Modern, which has some nice works from the 20th Century. And I went to the Churchill War Rooms and museum. I find Churchill to be a fascinating character, and I’ve read a couple of books about him, so this was interesting for me.

I also went to the Greenwich Meridian, which has a little museum about astronomy and clocks, and to the Natural History Museum, which has a lot of animals.

Q: Do you know anyone else in London?

A: Yes! I know a few people, but I couldn’t see them all. I did get to see Lucy, the brilliant YouTube star from English with Lucy.

Q: What’s your favorite place in London?

A: It’s hard to say. I liked a lot of different neighborhoods: Shoreditch, Camden, the area around the City. But I didn’t spend enough time in any of them to really decide which is my favorite. I also liked Brixton, which I had always heard was terrible and dangerous – and I think it probably was, years ago. Now it seems fine.

Q: Did you make any videos while you were there?

A: Yes, of course I did! I couldn’t possibly just go on vacation and not make videos… It’s the 21st Century! Here’s one about British Slang, and another about my experience on the first day in London…

Éste lo he hecho tipo vlog, así que puedes seguirme en mis aventuras por la ciudad. Espero que te guste.

Q: Do you think you’ll go back to London someday?

A: Definitely! It was a great experience, and I’d love to go back. I don’t know when, of course, because there are a lot of other places I’d like to go – both here in Europe and further away. But I definitely want to visit London again, as well as other places in England and Scotland.

¿Quieres más diálogos en inglés?

Nada más por hoy.

Espero que te haya gustado el diálogo en inglés – si quieres más, tengo otras conversaciones en inglés por aquí en la web: Navidad y Nochevieja, Hablar con Desconocidos y Where did you grow up?

Disfruta de la vida, déjame tus comentarios, y todo lo demás.

Hasta la próxima,


P.D. Este diálogo en inglés ha sido un poco más difícil que otros. Es un estilo algo más natural, y no tan adaptado a los estudiantes. Para algo más fácil, echa un vistazo a mis videos de inglés básico. Y también tengo muchos libros que te pueden ayudar. ¡Buen aprendizaje!

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  1. It’s really very interesting, I’ve been to London many times an in each trip I visit a new place , I’ve never heard about churchil war room. I love the British Museum, and the national gallery, also the parks, and a place that I like to go when i Visit London is porto bello t convent Garden and I like to go to the opera or to a musical, I like Belgabrivia. I hope to go to London soon

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