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¡Hola de nuevo!

Si no lo sabes ya, hace unos meses que tengo un podcast.

Ahí, todo en audio, estoy haciendo vocabulario, pronunciación, phrasal verbs, textos en inglés y mucho más.

Hoy vamos a escuchar un pequeño texto – en el otro blog escribí un artículo sobre el phrasal verb grow up.

Y aquí quiero contar un poco de mi historia, relacionándola con este phrasal verb.

Pincha para escuchar…

Y aquí puedes leerlo…

Where did you grow up – texto en inglés

Eso va a tener mucho pasado simple, porque habla de eventos que pasaron hace décadas…

I grew up in Arizona, in the southwest United States.

My family lived outside Phoenix, in the middle of the desert. I mean that quite literally. It was the middle of the desert. If I looked out the window of my bedroom, all I could see were cacti and small bushes, and a mountain in the distance.

where did you grow up texto en inglés
A typical Arizona landscape.

I went to school, and didn’t enjoy it very much. One thing I hated, when I was young, was learning Spanish. I found it useless, because all we learned were the names of animals: hipopótamo, jirafa, elefante.

And life in the desert wasn’t very interesting. There wasn’t much to do, and nowhere to go. So I always wanted to live somewhere else.

When I was in high school, I started taking Spanish classes again, and I enjoyed it more. The teachers were much better. But I still didn’t think I’d ever use it in “real life”. So I didn’t pay much attention.

After high school, I ended up working in a restaurant with some guys from Mexico. I’d never had the opportunity to actually speak Spanish before, but I tried it and enjoyed it a lot. Speaking was much more fun than doing grammar exercises in school.

For a couple of years, I worked and travelled. I travelled around the US, and also to Mexico. I couldn’t afford to fly, so I took buses to different places. My favorite place was La Barranca del Cobre in Chihuahua.

Finally, when I was 21, I moved to Madrid.

It’s a long story, but basically, it was because of a girl.

Also, I’d always wanted to be somewhere more exciting than Phoenix.

So I moved. It was a stupid decision, but in the end it worked out very well. I was (and am) very happy to be in Europe, and I don’t miss Arizona much.

I lived in Madrid for years, and learned a lot of Spanish. I didn’t study much, but I did a lot of speaking, reading and writing. I love Madrid.

And – it’s another long story – now I live in Barcelona, which is also a beautiful city.

daniel welsch barcelona
Here on the beach in Barcelona.

The end…

Or is it?

Un poco de vocabulario del texto

Aquí tienes unas palabras interesantes del texto, y más información sobre algunos de los puntos.

desert = desierto. Tengo la pronunciación aquí.

bushes = arbustos

useless = inútil

somewhere else = otro sitio. “Somewhere” es un pronombre indefinido.

pay attention = prestar atención

end up doing something = acabar haciendo algo

afford = poder permitirse. Más aquí: buy, pay, afford

barely = apenas

work out very well = salir bien, tener buen resultado. Aquí tienes mucho más sobre el phrasal verb work out

Si quieres más texto y audio, aquí tienes un poco sobre mi rutina diaria en Barcelona.

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Nada más por hoy. Espero que pases un muy buen día.

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P.D. Escribo bastante en inglés… y esta semana tengo un nuevo artículo en Lonely Planet, donde cuento más sobre mi vida entre Madrid y Barcelona. Si quieres leer algo más avanzado, está aquí: Why I live between Madrid and Barcelona. ¡Disfruta!

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